YouTube foots the bill for video makers to fight copyright takedowns

YouTube is no stranger to cases of copyright infringement, and it's lending a hand to video creators who are involved in the disputes. The video-hosting site says that it will cover the legal fees for a few content creators that are fighting the demands of copyright holders with fair use claims. It's only offering support in four cases right now, but the company doesn't rule out expanding that number in the future. By offering assistance, YouTube hopes to not only educate the masses on fair use, but also foster loyalty among users who house their content on the site. "We want, when we can, to have our users' backs," said YouTube's legal director for copyright Fred von Lohmann. "We believe even the small number of videos we are able to protect will make a positive impact on the entire YouTube ecosystem." The new policy also helps combat the takedowns of legally posted content, keeping videos that should be available to the masses online.

[Image credit: AP]