Mini review video: Our verdict on the iPad Pro in under a minute

iPad Pro: Mini Review

Had trouble reading every single word of my iPad Pro review? It's okay, writing all of those words was kind of hard, too. For those of you with shorter attention spans, here's the abridged version: Apple's biggest-ever tablet isn't for me, but it could be a compelling choice for two types of people. Namely, creative types who want to get work done on the go and plan to make good use of the optional Apple Pencil; and early adopters who just want the biggest, fastest possible iPad, and are willing to pay a premium for it. With no mouse support, a non-adjustable screen angle and an OS that isn't as well-suited to multitasking as OS X or Windows 10, it doesn't come close to replacing your laptop. But depending on your needs, it could serve as a decent stand-in when you're away from your primary machine.