Netflix is bringing back 'Lost in Space'

Comic-Con International 2015 - "Lost In Space" Press Room

Netflix is known for its quality original programming. But every now and then it can't help but pick some low-hanging fruit like rebooting a classic series. Deadline reports that the streaming service has just penned a deal to remake 1960s classic Lost in Space. Originally set in a futuristic and completely inaccurate 1997, it followed a family who tried to colonize deep space and got lost when their navigation equipment was sabotaged. The program ended after a three-season run in 1968 and since then, others have tried to reanimate the franchise. The first was a movie adaptation in 1998 starring Matt LeBlanc (which says all you need to know about its quality). Then in 2004, a reboot pilot was shot but never aired. Rumours of a third attempt surfaced around a year ago, but fizzled out before anything was made. There's been no mention of who will star in it or when it will air, but here's hoping the Lost in Space Robot doesn't flail its arms and robotically warn us: "Danger! Danger! Another failed sitcom rehash!"

[Image credit: Getty Images]