'Sensible Soccer' remake will happen without its Kickstarter

Development of 'Social Soccer' will carry on despite a lack of funding

Developer Jon Hare surprised many people when he announced that iconic football game Sensible Soccer was getting a spiritual successor. With Codemasters still owning the rights to the existing franchise, Hare and his team launched the new Sociable Soccer concept and took to Kickstarter with a lofty funding goal of £300,000. Despite lots of early buzz, the game never looked like hitting its target, reaching £32,498 from 1767 backers. And so a decision was made to kill the Kickstarter campaign completely.

It now appears that, like an increasing number of Kickstarter gaming projects, the Sociable Soccer campaign primarily served as a tool to generate interest in the game. In an email to backers, Hare notes: "Don't worry, Sociable Soccer is still happening and will be coming out in due course through traditional publishing channels." He also tells Eurogamer that "development is continuing at full tilt" and the number of media headlines have helped attract interest from an array of publishers.

Last week, the team shared gameplay footage of the new game, which we've embedded below. If all goes to plan, Sociable Soccer will hit PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC by the end of the next year.