DJI's MG-1 drone is water-resistant, dustproof.. and made for farming

Agricultural drones may not sound thrilling, but we'd like these rugged features on our next DJI drone.

DJI's newest drone isn't its sexiest: it's a specialized, toughened agricultural drone. Yep, hard to get excited about unless you're a farmer perhaps, but the Agras MG-1 is dust-proof, water resistant and constructed from anti-corrosive materials. Smart decisions for an agriculture drone, but also ones we wouldn't mind some extra peace of mind in the consumer drones we pilot in the suburbs and cities. (Rain is a real danger, okay?) The MG-1 can even be rinsed clean after a day on ranch. When it comes to crop-spraying, the drone can carry over 10kgs of product -- and DJI pegs it at over 40 times more efficient than manual spraying -- although it uses a watering can to illustrate the comparison...

Inside, the MG-1's own cooling system was been designed to extend motor life by up to three times -- farms are big, and farm drones will likely be very busy. The intake is also triple filtered to avoid any fertilizer dust or moisture getting into those precious internals. For now, the farming drone is set to launch in China and Korea, while the drone-loving international farming community will have to wait until "later" for one of their own,