This crowdfunded router updates its own security

It's open source and super customizable, too.

It's really, really, really hard to make a router sound exciting, but the folks behind the Turris Omnia are betting the device's focus on keeping your sensitive data secure might grab you. The manufacturer's IndieGogo campaign still has 45 days to go, but it's already proved incredibly popular: over a thousand backers have pledged some $274,598 as of this writing. That's 275 percent higher than the threshold for funding the project. The router itself runs Turris' open source operating system (based on the OpenWRT project) which auto updates as soon as any type of vulnerability is discovered by its cadre of developers.

That's pretty important considering most of us, myself included, don't think about our router unless something goes horribly awry. As an extension of the open nature of the device and its firmware is that there are quite a few add-ons that can tailor the gizmo to your specific use scenarios. Hell, you can even plug an external drive into the Turris and make it a DLNA or back-up server. Want to ensure against internet outages? There's an option to slide a SIM card into the device so you can harness LTE data if your hard connection dies. Beyond that, it's capable of handling gigabit traffic and home automation tasks. The pitch video below even boasts that you can set up traps for hackers with the device and watch as they get stuck in them. You know, in case you're the sadistic type.

There is a downside to the Omnia's popularity, though -- multiple backing tiers have already sold out. If you want in it'll run you $189 and the router is scheduled to ship next April.