Swatch's payments watch is coming to the US

It's all thanks to Visa.

Swatch has announced that the mobile payments watch that it's sending to China will also make its way over here. The watchmaker has teamed up with Visa in order to offer the Swatch Bellamy in the US, Brazil and Switzerland. It's the third entry on that list that's the most eyebrow-raising, since Swatch CEO Nick Hayek very recently criticized his home nation's own banks for being slow to embrace new payments tech. It looks as if Visa has stepped in to make its relations in Switzerland look fusty and slow by comparison.

The company has also explained where the name comes from, Edward Bellamy's 1888 novel Looking Backward, which kinda/sorta predicted the birth of the credit card. Of course, Bellamy couldn't possibly have imagined a watch with an NFC sticker placed beneath the dial, or that someone would be pretending that it's innovative. The Swatch Bellamy will land in the US at some point at the start of 2016 from all of the usual places you'd normally be able to buy one.