Dave Chappelle's Chicago shows will be phone-free

Showgoers will store their devices in self-locking pouches.

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Christopher Klimovski
December 2, 2015 10:41 PM
Dave Chappelle's Chicago shows will be phone-free
When it comes to highly anticipated performances, artists are always worried that their material will end up on the Internet before the show is even over. Revered comedian Dave Chappelle is just about to embark on 13 live performances in Chicago and insists that they be phone-free. To combat any type of piracy, Chappelle has teamed up with startup Yondr. The company provides smartphone pouches that lock automatically when patrons enter the "no phone-zone," and unlock when they step out of it.

Fellow comedian Hannibal Burress opted to use Yondr for his most recent shows after his 2014 standup found its way to YouTube. As The Hollywood Reporter notes, this kind of technology can be utilized in many other scenarios, like long much-hyped movie premiers, red carpet events among many others. Yondr offers a practical alternative to the dreaded idea of handing over your phone to a stranger while attending a venue. Whether or not it will work for Chappelle remains to be seen.

[Image credit: Mike Coppola/Getty Images]

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Dave Chappelle's Chicago shows will be phone-free