Uber color coding experiment promises smoother pickups

Color-coded lights make it easy to know when your ride has arrived.

If you've ever used a ridesharing service, you've probably had that moment where you had to guess which car was your ride. Yes, you have the model and license plate, but what good are those on a dark and busy street? Thankfully, Uber might soon take the guesswork out of the equation. It's testing a color coding system (SPOT) that has you picking the color for a light on the driver's windshield that glows when your ride gets close. If you want to help the driver, you can also light up your own screen to show that you're the right person.

The experiment is only available in Seattle right now, and it's not clear if or when SPOT will be available in other cities. With that said, it's pretty easy to see this taking off. Even if it costs Uber a fair amount to equip every car with a light strip, the move would save valuable time for everyone involved. Your driver wouldn't have to wait as long for you to show up, and you'd get to your destination that much sooner.