Cardboard Fender Stratocaster shreds without being shredded

Box and roll.

The Signal Snowboard crew is known for its unorthodox snowboard projects. Now the team has partnered with Ernest Packaging and Fender's custom shop to create a playable cardboard Stratocaster. Except for its corrugated body and neck, the guitar is outfitted with the usual pickups, electronics, frets and knobs found on traditional wood guitar. The end result is something you can see through while shredding.

After putting together a cardboard core, the Fender shop hand-cut the shape of the body and neck and added the necessary electronics and frets. The biggest structural obstacle was the neck which needs to withstand roughly 250lbs of torque after the strings have been added. Once complete, Fender employees tried it out and were impressed by the paper-based instrument. It was then delivered to Linkin Park guitarist Brad Delson for a nu metal test that sounded pretty great.

Of course, once your palms get sweaty, it's probably best not to keep playing the guitar made out of paper.