US considers rebranding its anti-ISIS propaganda

Silicon Valley thinks America's anti-ISIS propaganda isn't working.

According to a report by the Washington Post, the US State Department is considering scaling back its anti-ISIS messaging. The move follows a review from a panel of marketing experts, which included people from both Silicon Valley and New York, that expressed concerns about the agency's ability to provide credible counter arguments against the terrorist organization. The six-member group of experts, with members from both Google and Twitter, not only questioned the US government's tactics, but if it should even be running this type of program in the first place.

The State Department has been posting said messages using its seal on social media accounts like @ThinkAgain_DOS and others. The panel's report hasn't been made public, but it seems the government is taking its findings and recommendations seriously enough to warrant a change of plans. One of the key conclusions from the panel's review was that the US government couldn't "break the brand" of the Islamic State, but rather the efforts of third parties would be required to do so.

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