Adidas uses plastic ocean waste to create a 3D-printed shoe

The design hopes to bring awareness to this type of pollution.

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Adidas uses plastic ocean waste to create a 3D-printed shoe

Back in June, Adidas revealed a shoe made almost entirely from recycled ocean waste. That product marked the beginning of a partnership between the sportswear firm and Parley, an organization trying to combat ocean pollution worldwide. Now, Adidas is taking this one step further: its new design features a 3D-printed midsole created out of recycled polyester and gillnets, a wall of netting typically used to catch fish. The shoe's upper part was manufactured with ocean plastic materials as well, Adidas says, making its concept footwear a complete eco-friendly package.

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Last month Adidas introduced Futurecraft 3D, which kicked off the company's efforts in 3D printing technology. Right now, there's no word on when these 3D-printed, recycled shoes will make their way to consumers, but Adidas and Parley both say that's the ultimate goal.

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