Algoriddim's djay Pro app isn't just for the desktop anymore

The Pro version of this popular DJ app adds iOS to the mix.

Apple's laptops have yet to adopt touchscreen capabilities, so when the super-sized iPad Pro was released, DJ software maker Algoriddim saw an opportunity. All that screen real estate could be well-served by bringing the djay Pro mixing app over from OS X to iOS. The new slate's processing power provides a robust platform for features like video mixing, four tracks of audio and the ability to multitask during a gig (because email isn't going to check itself). Starting today, you can download djay Pro for iPad from the App Store for a special limited time offer of just $19.99 (retail $29.99). It helps if you have an iPad Pro to truly enjoy the enhanced features and spacious layout, but the app is backwards compatible with any iPad running iOS 8 or later.

The djay app started out on touch-capable smartphones and tablets, but the Pro version, which has been available on OS X for over a year, has primarily been limited to mouse clicks and compatible controllers for interactivity. Now you can ditch the excess baggage, but still have a bit of room to play around, with the iPad Pro's 12.9-inch touchscreen. There are expanded views for waveforms and effects, letting you take advantage of all that space for scrubbing through audio or video tracks with a swipe or using multitouch to bang out some manual fills. The iPad Pro's Smart Keyboard can be put to use for even more control, offering over 70 shortcuts related to play functionality, like looping, start, stop, cue points and more.

The video mixing portion of the app supports 4K, but unfortunately the screen resolution and 1080p output keep it from truly being appreciated. Video can be captured on-the-fly with the tablet's camera and fed it into the video portion of your mix, while the resulting output can be saved in real time to watch later. As for audio, djay Pro for iPad will let you view a combined library of Spotify tracks (soon including 320 kbps files), your own local collection and any files stored in iCloud Drive or Dropbox. Audio and video output can be streamed wirelessly using AirPlay or through a Lightning adapter.

Djay Pro for iPad is certainly a powerful and accessible tool to use, especially considering its limited time price of just $19.99. It's a small enough investment (iPad Pro not included) that if you're interested in becoming a digital DJ or VJ, it's worth taking for a spin. If you're watching every penny, you can even download the iPhone version of djay 2 from the App Store for free, as part of Algoriddim's limited time launch celebration.