Guide helps you fight online harassment

If you're worried about internet threats, this guide will help you mitigate (and sometimes prevent) them.

Harassment may be a regular part of the modern internet landscape, but that doesn't mean that you have to simply sit there and take it. Feminist Frequency, which is all too familiar with harassment and threats, has posted a guide to protecting yourself against the onslaught of digital bullies, stalkers and trolls. In some ways, it's about observing common sense privacy and security policies: avoid sharing more personal info than necessary, use difficult-to-crack passwords and stay on guard against malware and other exploits.

There are plenty of harassment-specific tips, of course. The guide asks you to register the same screen name everywhere (to thwart would-be impostors), and to thoroughly document incidents in case that 'harmless' tweet is the prelude to something truly vile. There's also an emphasis on real-world assistance, such as friends and law enforcement, and a reminder that you can avoid or mitigate some harassment by refusing to engage... say, by turning comments off on blog posts. Whether or not you agree with Feminist Frequency's views, the guide should be useful in preventing doxxing and other attempts at making your life miserable when you dare to express an opinion.

[Image credit: Senor Nejo, Flickr]