GoPro brings Apple Watch control to its cameras

The updated iOS and Android apps also help social-media fans grab still photos.

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Steve Dent
December 10, 2015 2:00 PM
GoPro brings Apple Watch control to its cameras
While it's possible to control a GoPro camera using a smartphone or remote, the company just added a device option that might be simpler: the Apple Watch. You can now use the wearable to start and stop recording, review clips and add "HiLighted" moments to clips, as shown below. GoPro also updated its iOS and Android apps, helping you extract still photos more easily and filter media to display only photos, videos, tags or clips. All of that is a boon for folks who chronically share GoPro's mini-movies on social media, and the Apple Watch feature will be particularly useful to one-man-band producers.

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