Microsoft caves and gives 15GB back to legacy OneDrive users

They just have to opt-in to keep it.

Free cloud storage is great. That is until you've added it to your workflow and the amount of storage you have is being reduced by Microsoft. That's what happened to OneDrive users. In November, Microsoft announced that the 15GB of free storage it was offering was being reduced to 5GB. Naturally folks got pissed. One post about the reduction in space generated over 72,000 votes on a OneDrive forum. That got the company to backtrack (sort of) and is offering legacy customers with 15GB the chance to keep all that room in the cloud. But they have to opt-in by January 31.

In a response to the forum post, Douglas Pearce, Microsoft group program manager apologized to OneDrive customers and even announced that those opt-in to keep their free 15GB of storage will also be able to keep their 15GB of camera roll bonus storage. He posted, "we are all genuinely sorry for the frustration this decision has caused and for the way it was communicated. Thank you for sticking with us."

So be sure to sign up to keep your 15GB of free storage and the additional 15GB of camera roll storage. Or come January 31, it'll be reduced to a measly 5GB.

[Image credit: Nattapong Kiatmongkollert / Alamy]