Apple is reportedly working on OLED displays

Apple opened a lab in Taiwan that's looking into thinner, lighter, more energy-efficient displays. And that includes OLED tech.

Apple has opened a lab in Taiwan, according to Bloomberg, with "at least 50" engineers looking into advanced display technology for products including the iPhone and iPad. It's pulled in workers from Taiwanese display company AU Optronics, as well as Qualcomm, to develop new screens. The tech company is aiming to make its displays thinner, lighter and more efficient, with Bloomberg's sources adding that Apple is looking into OLED (organic light-emitting diodes) displays. While these would tick a lot of the aforementioned boxes (and don't need backlighting), they're also harder and more expensive to produce -- although they often look incredible. If Apple can get it right, however, it'll reduce its supply needs from other electronics giants, including Samsung, LG and Sharp.