Lucozade thief may also be first UK 'hoverboard' conviction

You can't expect to flee the scene on a "hoverboard" without repercussions.

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Lucozade thief may also be first UK 'hoverboard' conviction

As an orange Lucozade addict, I can't help but quietly applaud the work of the Hoverboard Lucozade Bandit (hat tip to VICE for coining the name). Not just for his choice of loot, but for executing the most brazen raid in the history of the Mitcham Co-op. Who dares to ride a whirring, neon steed into a local shop, pick up an entire crate of the orange nectar, and pull off a masterful three-point turn before setting off down the road like nothing was amiss? The Hoverboard Lucozade Bandit, that's who. But alas, his 15 minutes of infamy are at an end, with the Met Police confirming he's been tracked down and charged. The Croydon native isn't only accused of theft (and failing to comply with a court order), though, but could be the first person in the UK ever convicted for riding a "hoverboard" on the pavement.

Given the nonchalant bandit's choice of getaway vehicle, it's understandable the Met Police wants to make an example out of him. Before now, no one has been formally charged with riding a "hoverboard" on the pavement, despite their explosion in popularity of late. Safety fears aside, it's illegal, and effectively has been since the Highway Act of 1835, with prohibits riding on public paths. It's the same Act that outlaws cyclists from pavements, and was clarified to cover self-balancing, motorised vehicles like "hoverboards" several years ago when Segways were in the spotlight. The bandit is due in court on December 30th, at which point we expect London Mayor Boris Johnson to appear, orange Lucozade in hand, to defend the rights of "hoverboarders" everywhere.

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