Rdio bids farewell with a look at your favorite songs (updated)

Who thought you could be teary-eyed looking at old streaming tracks?

Rdio has one last treat for you before it rides into the sunset following Pandora's acquisition. Visit a special farewell site and you not only have a handy place to export your data, but a retrospective look at your listening habits. You'll know what you first played, what your favorites were, and who you shared tracks with. It's hard not to get a little misty -- in some ways, this is like digging up a mix CD you made in high school. Still, it's good to see Rdio acknowledging that you're losing a part of your history, not just some playlists.

Update: Spotify is doing its part, too. It recently launched an Rdio importer that will take your exported collection file and translate it to Spotify playlists, artist follows and saved tracks. So long as you're still enamored with the idea of subscription music services, you won't have to wave goodbye to all your old content.