Spotify will reveal your 'Star Wars' soul mate

Are you into melodic beats like Princess Leia or electronica like R2D2?

With three days to go before the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Spotify has become the latest company to piggyback on the marketing bandwagon. The streaming service is giving users the chance to see which character, new or old, has the same taste in music as you. All you need to do is visit the stand-alone website "Spotify Star Wars," log in, sit back and hope for the best. The site analyzes listening data and assigns you a character based on your most visited artists. The character-match algorithm is a little nonsensical, though. For example, if you're into teen pop, you're paired with Luke Skywalker, or if neo soul is your thing, Padme Amidala is your girl. The parallels are difficult to predict.

Not surprisingly, Spotify isn't the first service to offer Star Wars themed marketing tie-ins. Just weeks ago, Google teamed up with Disney, allowing you to side with the light or dark side of the force. Once you select your allegiance, the site changed all of your Google services, from Maps to YouTube status bars, in order to reflect your Jedi choices. Regarding Star Wars' latest takeover of Spotify, five dollars says if you like electronic music, you're getting a droid.