Adobe Lightroom for iOS brings another desktop tool to mobile

The additions of 3D Touch and iPad Pro support are also part of the update.

Adobe continues to make its mobile photography apps more powerful, and a new update for Lightroom mobile on iOS delivers more of that. Leveraging another useful feature from the desktop, you can now employ a Point Curve mode to make adjustments in the Tone Curve and Split Toning tool. In other words, you now have more control when you add a tint or tone to the shadows and highlights of an image using Split Toning, for example. Lightroom mobile also allows you to "shoot through presets" now, too.

You can see what an image would look like with one of the app's filters applied before you even take the photo. Snapshots captured this way are non-destructive, so you'll always have an unedited original to work from.

Adobe already updated a few of its Photoshop iOS apps to play nice with Apple's new super-sized slate, and it's doing the same for Lightroom mobile. With the latest version of the photo-editing software, you can take advantage of the iPad Pro's expanded screen real estate to do some multitasking and enjoy the perks of iOS 9 on other devices. If you happen to have one of Apple's other new gadgets that feature 3D Touch, you can launch Lightroom's built-in camera by pressing on the app's icon. The in-app camera is accessible from the Notifications Center thanks to a handy widget.