Netflix's Windows 10 app is at home on PCs and tablets

It's a 'universal' Windows app with Cortana and Live Tiles, but it's not ready for phones yet.

Microsoft continues to fill out its library of Windows 10 apps, and the latest addition is from Netflix. Upgrading from its old Windows 8 edition to take advantage of the new operating system, this one is a universal app, that will eventually work across PCs, tablets and phones, although it's not ready for that last one just yet. While the team works on extending the experience to Windows 10 phones, the desktop app is rolling out this week for all supported countries.

In a post on its tech blog, Netflix reveals the app uses the Facebook React Javascript library, and the same HTML5 video playback that it delivers to many modern browsers. On Windows, the Netflix app has a Live Tile that shows off art from titles the user is currently in the middle of watching, and it works with Cortana for voice search and control. Just activate Cortana, say "Netflix" and then the title of what you want yo see, and it will open up a search for it in the app. Simple, right? Grab the new version now, right here.