Tribeca Shortlist movies arrive on iPhone, Roku and Fire TV

The streaming service also announced offline viewing for iOS users.

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Tribeca Shortlist movies arrive on iPhone, Roku and Fire TV

Since launching in October, Tribeca Shortlist had only been available on the iPad. But, starting today, the movie-streaming service will expand to iPhone, Roku and Amazon's Fire TV. To make things better, if you're an iOS user, Tribeca Shortlist says its entire film catalog can now be downloaded and viewed offline -- which, notably, isn't something supported by apps like Netflix or Hulu Plus.

Shortlist was created by the media firm behind the Tribeca Film Festival, alongside Lionsgate, a film distribution and production company. The idea behind it is to deliver movies with a more curated approach, using recommendations from actors, directors and other Hollywood personalities. Naturally, you have to pay up to access Tribeca Shortlist's video content: The monthly subscription costs $5, although there's a free 14-day trial to help people decide if it's worth it.

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