Amazon is reportedly leasing jets to power shipping network

The retailer already added trailers to its shipping fleet.

Ken James/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Amazon-branded trailers aren't all the online retailer has planned to improve is shipping network. The Seattle Times reports that Jeff Bezos & Co. are in talks to lease a fleet of Boeing jets to handle the air cargo duties. As the company looks to avoid the headaches of using UPS and other carriers, it has already put a group of trailers on the road to carry loads to its distribution centers.

Amazon is reportedly looking to lease 20 Boeing 767s for the task. Doing so would give the company more control over delivery times, and potentially bypass cargo services of UPS, FedEx and the USPS. Of course, Amazon still relies on those outfits to get packages to your door, so it's more likely the company is just looking to streamline the supply chain... for now. However, The Seattle Times also reports that the retailer could open up extra space on its jets to other companies, which would put it in direct competition with the likes of UPS, FedEx and others.