Google tests a way to login with just your phone

No passwords necessary.

Reddit user rp1226, aka Rohit Paul, scored early access to a new feature that Google is reportedly testing out which allows users to log into accounts on their computers simply by placing their phone next to the laptop. Based on the screenshots he posted, the process appears to work like 2-factor authentication but over a Bluetooth or NFC link [Update: scratch that, Paul clarifies that the process works over the GCM]. The user first authorizes their phone, in this case a Nexus 6P, then logs into a Google account on their computer. However, instead of asking for a password, the system instead sends a notice to the user's phone. The user accepts the notice on their phone and -- bing, bang, boom -- they're logged in. The user can still use their password, in case their phone dies or isn't with them, it's simply been demoted to a backup position.

[Image Credit: Getty]