Hyatt is the latest hotel chain to spot malware on its systems

If you stayed at a Hyatt recently, you may want to check your credit card statement.

Unfortunately, Hilton isn't the only hotel chain grappling with malware on sensitive computers. Hyatt is now warning travelers that it recently spotted malware on its payment processing systems (on November 30th, the company tells us). It's still investigating what happened and has precious few details, but it maintains that you can "feel confident" using your card. Unfortunately, that's not much help if you recently stayed at a Hyatt. How long does it think the malware was hanging around? And how much damage did the rogue code do? Hyatt tells that it'll share more when the investigation is over. Until it offers the full scoop, your best option is to watch your financial statements for any shady behavior.

[Image credit: AP Photo/Charlie Riedel]