'Katamari Damacy' making clicky comeback on iOS and Android

Katamari Clicker.

That one game where you roll about and everything sticks to you, Katamari Damacy, is making a comeback on iOS and Android. The original PlayStation 2 game won over many hearts with its simple but charming world, and was followed up by sequels for numerous platforms, although series creator Keita Takahashi was only involved with the first two games). The iOS and Android title will be called Tap my Katamari, and is the first game in the series since the 2012 Vita title Touch My Katamari.

So that's the good news; now here's the bad. Tap my Katamari seems to discard the best thing about the series -- rolling around a 3D world collecting stuff smaller than you -- in favor of an incremental "clicker" model (think Cookie Clicker). Maybe it's just the trailer. Maybe there will be more to it. Let's hope?