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ICYMI: The best space, drone and car tech of the year

We'll take the drone that looks like a bird any day

ICYMI: The Best Space, Drone and Car Tech of the Year

Today on In Case You Missed It: We are rounding up our very favorite transportation stories since launching ICYMI in June and it wouldn't be us if we didn't talk about NASA taking applications for astronauts again. Couple that with NASA's Pluto fly-by this year and it's clear that the space agency is on the upswing.

Back on earth, there was plenty of drone innovation, car tech and let's face it, actual hoverboard news to keep us interested.

This will be the final show of the week, so please share any interesting science or tech videos with us that you might find between sleeping in and movie binges. Just tweet us with the #ICYMI hashtag to @mskerryd.