So, what did you get?


With Christmas well under way around the world, it's time for our annual show-and-tell. This year we're doing things a little different, and pulling in your favorite gifts into this article. But before we get to that.. let's see what Engadget editors have been up to so far.

Our Social media maestro Mallory Johns went very multimedia:

Senior Editors Nathan Ingraham, Dan Cooper and Kris Naudus had some great hauls:

Managing Editors Terrence O'Brien and James Trew approached Christmas at very different angles.

For Terrence, it's about reliving youth:

For James, it's about embracing adulthood:

Elsewhere, Engadget UK Managing Editor Matt Brian made his kids' day with a visit from Santa:

Not sure where he found reindeers in South-East England.

Associate Editor Jon Fingas is going to be looking sharp in 2016:

While Senior Editor Roberto Baldwin... well.. see for yourself:

So what about you? What gift are you most proud of today, given or received? So far readers have sent in some pretty diverse answers:

If you want to get involved, you can either dive into the comments as usual, or you can tweet it out with the hashtag #AnEngadgetChristmas. We'll continue updating the article, at least until we're so full that we need a nap.