Hyundai Sonata will finally get CarPlay in early 2016

Sonata sedans will get Apple's in-car software over a year after it was promised.

Hyundai began teasing Apple's CarPlay software for its vehicles way back in 2014, but failed to deliver it as promised in the 2015 Sonata. Now, the automaker will finally make Cupertino's in-car system available during the first quarter of 2016. What's more, it won't be a free upgrade. Hyundai says that Sonata owners will need to purchase an SD card in order to employ CarPlay inside their vehicles. Originally, the company said the software would be available for free in 2015 and 2015 Sonata models outfitted the requisite infotainment setup. What's more, Hyundai already offers Android Auto to its customers free of charge. When CarPlay arrives for Sonata owners, the Hyundai will join the likes of Chevrolet and Honda that already offer the software inside vehicles.

[Image credit: AP Photo/Eric Risberg]