Kid opens PS4 on Christmas day, finds block of wood instead

Even a Day One patch won't get this console online.

It's always a little awkward when a well-intended Christmas gift is a bit off target. But it's down right cruel what happened to little Scott Lundy from Wakefield, MA. After (we imagine) weeks, maybe months, of anticipation and avoiding the naughty list, Lundy was rewarded with a PlayStation 4 under the Christmas tree. Or so he thought. Instead of unboxing a sick next-gen console (his parents opted for the Teen-rated Uncharted bundle), Lundy found a PS4-shaped bit of wood. What's worse, instead of a quick start guide to read, the malcontent penned a surly seasonal greeting.

The message? Reportedly the Mature-rated "from c*ck and balls with love." In case poor Lundy wasn't sure what this meant, the crudely-nailed-together faux PS4 came with an illustration of the aforementioned anatomical parts scribbled on the underside. Lundy, understandably upset, reacted in a way only a 9-year-old who's just had everything he knows about Christmas ruined could (tears and alone time). There is, at least, a cheery enough ending to the tale. Lundy's parents took the offending woodwork to the branch of Target where they'd purchased it, and were given a legit console plus a $100 gift card for their son's troubles. Whether that'll make up for the loss of faith in Santa is unclear. Let's hope next year's Christmas is made extra special by that other carpenter.