Facebook tests multiple News Feeds based on your interests

Topic-based options for organizing your News Feed could soon be on the way.

If you've been yearning for a way to cut through the clutter that is your Facebook News Feed, you may soon be in luck. The social network is testing multiple News Feeds inside its mobile app, as the feature is live for select users. In addition to the main feed, tabs for specific topics like Style, Travel and Headlines line the top of the interface. When you select one, the feed is distilled down to relevant posts from your friends and Pages you follow. Facebook says the feature is in the testing phase, so it could be a bit before it's open to all users.

In addition to those curated News Feeds, Facebook is also giving select users easier access to its Marketplace or shopping section. While that section is currently a bit buried, a test version of the app situates it at the bottom of the main window between Requests and Notifications, replacing the Messenger button.

If you'll recall, Facebook began testing its shopping experience and ads for in-app purchases in October. Facebook also recently added a feature that allows you to search for local events by category and opened up a directory for local businesses. Add those tools on top of the pending shopping project and you get a glimpse of how Mark Zuckerberg & Co. plan to increase how much time you spend on the site.