'Hateful Eight' hits digital screens earlier than planned

The movie will be shown in almost 2,000 digital screens on December 30th.

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Mariella Moon
December 30th, 2015
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'Hateful Eight' hits digital screens earlier than planned

The 70mm roadshow release of Tarantino's Hateful Eight has been doing very well financially despite its various projector problems and the leak of the movie's DVD screener. In order to accommodate more viewers than the 100 theatres it's currently in can handle, its producers are showing the movie on digital screens a day earlier than planned. The Western will be shown in 1,958 theatres starting on December 30th, though pre-shows have already begun in some locations as early as tonight.

If you plan to watch the movie on New Year's Eve, you'll have even more choices, since it'll hit even more locations on December 31st. Only the original 100 locations will continue showing it in its Roadshow 70mm format, though. You can still use Hateful Eight's official website to see if any of those theatres are near you... if you don't mind dealing with possible issues, such as blurry visuals and out-of-sync audio.
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