Gracenote automatically tunes your car stereo for each song

Dynamic EQ knows what the best settings are for nearly any song and adjusts them on the fly.

Gracenote has developed several ways to leverage its audio tech in the past few years, and the one unveiled today is all about making sure your music sounds its best while you're on the road. Dynamic EQ is built on its ability to identify the music being played, and then adjust your car's audio settings for that particular song. Pretty much any audio system out now has simple genre presets for the equalizer, but for drivers, switching between them as you listen to radio, streaming or CDs doesn't usually make sense.

According to General Manager of Gracenote Automotive Brian Hamilton, it's the first time anyone has used track-level metadata this way. The company's database has profiles for "tens of millions of songs" so no matter how obscure your taste, it's probably in there. There's no mention of what cars will get this upgrade first, but Gracenote's system is already in headunits from Tesla, Ford, GM and more, so it may be an option in your car very soon.