HTC and Valve's Vive VR system passes through the FCC

That April 2016 release date feels an awful lot more realistic now.

Getting certified by the Federal Communications Commission for safe use is a rite of passage for every legal gizmo, and the joint virtual reality project from HTC and Valve, the Vive, recently passed by the regulatory agency. It's a requirement for any product to be sold and typically happens in the run up to consumer release, which backs up HTC's promise of an April launch window for the Vive headset and its Lightroom controller-and-motion-tracking tech. Road to VR writes that certification was expected to face a few challenges given the nature of its laser tracking and possible safety issues. But hey, I wouldn't be writing this if those perceived hurdles hadn't been cleared.

The class one laser device could be the "very, very big technological breakthrough" the firm mentioned earlier this month, or, it could be a new developer kit. Considering HTC will be in Las Vegas for CES next week, it shouldn't be long before we find out.