Give your fetus a concert with vaginal sound system, Babypod

We suggest starting with Babymetal.


Some people are born to get down; others are gestated. Spanish gynecology clinic Institut Marquès wants to tap into the fetal-music market with Babypod, a speaker that expecting mothers insert into their vaginas a la tampons to play songs for their unborn babies. Babypod connects to a smartphone and plays music directly in the vagina, which is the only way for a fetus to hear unmuffled sounds, the company says. It's also more stylish than giant headphones wrapped around your belly.

Babypod was conceived after a study by Institut Marquès demonstrated that fetuses can hear and react to sounds at 16 weeks. It's still up for debate whether babies in utero actually benefit from listening to your smartphone playlist, though Babypod claims its device "stimulates the vocalization of babies before birth through music and encourages their neural development." It may also encourage grooving and shaking, though that's just a guess.

Around Christmas, singer Soraya Arnelas performed for an audience of pregnant women using Babypods. There's no word on whether she sang "Baby, it's Cold Outside."