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Sharp's new any-shape displays are coming to cars and a whole lot more


Sharp's been working on its isn't-that-concept-art free-form displays (FFD) for a few years and, well, CES is a good place to show and tell us where they'll eventually end up, you know, in real life. We've just seen some of the more polished prototypes that will form the basis for dash-based displays in cars coming to market by 2017. But while we knew that was the aim, it's only the start. These low-power IGZO displays "don't need edges," so they can be cut into any shape and while there's no touch functionality in the current prototypes, it can be added -- meaning they could be found in mobile devices and (according to reports at least), something from Nintendo. Sharp had a great display where two circles were cut out and used as separate displays, and the "leftover" screen also functioned as part of a larger dash display. Here, take a look:

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Edgar Alvarez contributed to this report.

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