Sharp converts TV plant to make more low-power IGZO smartphone displays

Sharp's IGZO displays make regular appearances at global trade shows, but have been less easy to spot in western devices, hardly ever leaving domestic Japanese market. That could soon change, as the company is ramping up production of smartphone-sized screens, at the cost of TV output. The Wall Street Journal reports that Sharp is expanding production at its Kameyama plant, with the aim of becoming a top player in the not-so-exotic world of handheld screen production, making the sheets that will make its way into multiple phone makers' devices. It might be able to lower manufacturing costs by making hundreds of displays from a single sheet, which would certainly be good news for the company's balance sheet. This increase in output might also mean that devices with Sharp's impressively bright IGZO displays will finally appear outside of Nippon, creating the necessary extra demand and giving us something else to square off against AMOLED and Super LCD 3.