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Studio wants to preserve games with the same care as movies


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Classic movies frequently get reissues and remastered versions with behind-the-scenes content, but games seldom receive that kind of affection. More often than not, you get a barebones port, a technical upgrade (which sometimes breaks the experience) or a full-on remake. Reborn studio Digital Eclipse thinks the industry can do a better job of preserving these classics. It's launching ports that are more about honoring the history behind a game than upgrading it, much like the Criterion Collection does for movies. Its inaugural title, Mega Man Legacy Collection, will include both the first six Mega Man games as well as artwork and other bonus material from the series' early days. About the only major change to the games themselves will be a Challenge Mode that "remixes" gameplay to add some extra spice.

The Mega Man update should reach the the PC, PS4 and Xbox One this summer for $15, with a 3DS version arriving in the winter. However, this is just the start. Digital Eclipse built an engine (the Eclipse Engine) explicitly to streamline the process of adapting old titles to newer platforms. So long as its technology runs on your device of choice, there's a good chance that you'll get that game you cherished in your youth. You probably won't be buying deluxe boxed sets, but the days of begging your favorite developer for a re-release might soon come to an end.

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