'Halo' tournament canceled because Xbox One game is still broken

Halo: Combat Evolved may have been one of the first console shooters to hit the competitive gaming circuit but a recent tournament was derailed because almost six months later, The Master Chief Collection is still broken. The official Halo eSports league, Halo Championship Series, had to cancel the first online cup of the regular season over the weekend due to connectivity issues. Seriously. As Eurogamer reports, games took place on Saturday but went off the rails on Sunday for the competition's conclusion.

We've reached out to Microsoft for more details and will update this post should any arise. For now, perhaps put those dreams of a pro Halo career on hold until Halo 5: Guardians hits. Maybe. Who knows. The beta ran well enough during our stream, but there are a lot of variables at play here. At least we have free ODST coming to distract us in the meantime, right?