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Huawei hires a former Apple director to design its phone software


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Huawei has been kicking up the quality of its hardware design as of late (see the Mate S and Nexus 6P as proof), but software? Not so much, unless you believe that knuckle gestures are the pinnacle of ease of use. However, it might be close to improving its reputation on that front. The Chinese mobile giant has hired former Apple creative director Abigail Brody as its chief user experience designer, which puts her in charge of interfaces for many Huawei devices. The firm is even creating a US design studio in the process, in case there was any doubt as to how serious it is about the new hire.

Brody hasn't worked for Apple since 2011, but she's one of Cupertino's more influential alums. She was one of the key designers behind the original iPhone, and she helped define both OS X and Apple pro apps (think Aperture and Final Cut Pro) for a decade. She spent two years designing for PayPal after that, to boot. Although there's no guarantee that Brody will repeat her earlier successes at Huawei, it won't be shocking if Huawei's phones, smartwatches and tablets get interfaces that are more cohesive and powerful.

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