Recommended Reading: How Taylor Swift took on Apple

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Billy Steele
B. Steele|01.02.16

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Recommended Reading: How Taylor Swift took on Apple

Taylor Swift Is the New Prince: The Artist Who Tamed the Corporate Giant
Teo Bugbee, The Daily Beast

It's true: Taylor Swift went toe to toe with Apple in 2015 and came out on top. If you'll recall, the singer penned a blog post to the folks in Cupertino after news broke that the company didn't plan to compensate artists during Apple Music's trial period. After promising to withhold her music from the app, Tim Cook & Co. reversed the decision and Swift's hits were available on the service from day one. However, the debate over artist compensation rages on.

Amazon Invades India
Vivienne Walt, Fortune

India has been called the next "trillion dollar market," and Jeff Bezos wants a piece of the pie.

We Must Cut the Military and Transition to a Science-Industrial Complex
Zoltan Istvan, Motherboard

Get rid of the US military? It just might work.

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