Engadget is live from CES 2016!

As our moms would say, 'let's get this party started.'

As much as we may have wanted to spend the week after New Year's recovering from our bacchanalian excesses on the holiday, there is work to be done. The Engadget team has assembled in Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show 2016, the biggest event in the technology world's annual calendar. The show may not be as hot-to-trot as it has been in previous years, but it'll still turn up something worth checking out. For instance, it could reveal a new fork that teaches you to eat slower, or a device that'll revolutionize the way you watch tv. Alternatively, it could show us a lamp that looks like a disembodied hand grabbing a plastic bag full of lightbulbs, because that's a thing. We don't yet know what this year's show will bring, but the only way that any of us will know is if you keep your eyeballs pointed straight at this very website.