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Here's a transforming robotic video projector

Because why the heck not.

Cerevo unveiled its newest — some would argue, wackiest — invention to date at CES Unveiled. Dubbed the Tipron, this machine is equal parts autobot and long-throw projector. It stands just a foot and a half tall when completely folded (handy for when it's recharging or not in use) but then doubles in height as it unfurls to cast 80 inches of 720p video at your wall. The device can also wheel itself from room to room at your command via an Android app, so users aren't limited to watching content in a single space.

I had a chance to see the Tipron in action on Monday and wow. Just wow. It looks like something invented on Cybertron, not in Japan. The resolution isn't ideal (or even technically HD) however its 250 maximum lumen output is significantly brighter than what the average television can muster. Plus, its mobility allows users to position the device exactly where they want it and cast video onto virtually any flat surface. If only it could handle stairs.