Netatmo's security cam can pick out cars, humans and animals

It has a built-in floodlight, too.

Netatmo is no stranger to home monitoring cameras, and at this year's CES, the company is taking its efforts outside. The WiFi-connected Presence outdoor security camera has a unique feature: It can distinguish between cars, people and animals. In addition to real-time monitoring, the gadget can also be set up to record only when it detects a person or a car, for example. You'll get a notification to your phone through Netatmo's app, where you can flip on the flood light to deter any would-be intruders.

The mobile software also allows you to customize alerts, what type of activity you want it to capture and when to flip on the light. You can also use it to see a timeline of any detected motion and video clips of the incidents. Of course, that flood light could also be used to light up the driveway at night so you don't stumble taking out the trash. If you're looking to beef up you home security, the Presence is set to go on sale in Q2 but pricing specifics haven't been set just yet.