The Oree Stylograph is a smart pen made out of pure copper

It's the most luxurious smart pen we've seen yet.
Nicole Lee
N. Lee|01.04.16

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Nicole Lee
January 4, 2016 9:01 PM
The Oree Stylograph is a smart pen made out of pure copper

While Livescribe may have the recognition, it's by no means the only smart pen on the market. Here at CES, we got a peek at the Oree Stylograph, a beautiful ballpoint smart pen that's made of pure copper. In fact, it was a Kickstarter project that was fully funded just a few weeks ago and should start shipping soon. The pen feels nice in the hand and, fortunately, uses standard ballpoint cartridges. Like the Livescribe, it communicates with your Android or iOS device via Bluetooth and will automatically transfer whatever you've scribbled to the corresponding Oree app. The app doesn't have character-recognition now, but it will by the end of the month, according to a spokesperson.

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Additionally, the Stylograph comes with a lovely paper refillable notebook that has a vegetable tanned leather cover complete with a pen holder. There's a camera at the end of the Stylograph that captures your pen strokes on the special micropattern on the paper. So yes, you will need to use Stylograph with special Oree paper, which does cost quite a bit of money to replace: It's $25 for a 190-page refill. The pen and notebook itself is also not cheap at $420 for the bundle. Still, if you really want a smart pen and you want it to look super luxurious too, the Oree looks like the perfect option.

James Trew contributed to this report

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