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Wisewear hides a safety alarm inside a woman's bracelet

Tap the device when attacked and your phone will send your location to your emergency contacts via SMS.

If there's one issue with conventional personal attack alarms, it's that if it isn't already in your hand when trouble strikes, it's basically useless. Wisewear is a company that's tackling the issue head-on by turning a piece of jewelry into an instant and immediate way to sound the alarm. The firm has baked Bluetooth into a bracelet set called The Socialite that, on the surface, looks simple enough. Double-tap the touch panel, however, and it'll send your location and a distress signal to your friends over SMS.

In addition to putting an emphasis on improving safety for vulnerable people, the devices also strive to be fashionable. Each model is split into multiple pieces, including a "brain," containing the Bluetooth radio, a battery that's rated for five days of life, and the touch panel. The other half, meanwhile, can be swapped out for alternatives so you don't look as if you only own one bracelet.

There are three different versions of the Socialite, named Calder, Kingston and Duchess, respectively. Each one is available in both gold and silver and gold, with the asking prices set at $300. All three are expected to begin shipping this month, with the company promising a premium subscription tier that, when you activate the alarm, will send a private security firm straight to your location.

Dana Wollman contributed to this report.