Channel Master's DVRs add Sling TV to entice cord cutters

These boxes blend streaming TV with over the air broadcasts, which are a perfect fit for Sling TV.

One of the few major drawbacks of Sling TV is that it doesn't license the big broadcast channels, but there's an easy fix for that now. Channel Master announced at CES that its DVR+ products -- which are built to catch your local broadcast channels via antenna -- are adding Sling TV to the mix. That puts an impressive slate of channels on one box, right next to the likes of Netflix, YouTube and a few others. The two DVR+ setups don't have any service fee or subscription by themselves, and are available for $249 (16GB storage if you'd like to BYO hard drive) or $399 (1TB HDD built-in). Owners should see Sling TV appear in an update on the 6th and then they'll be ready to go.