Dell's most interesting CES debut might be this wireless monitor

Unless you'd rather see a new business PC?

You'd think that, after winning a Best of CES award last year in the tablet category (and being named a finalist for the XPS 13), Dell would be back in 2016 with even more showstopping products. Apparently not. The company has indeed returned to CES, but all the stuff it's showing this year seems to be for business users, and the most interesting items aren't even PCs. The standouts, in our humble opinion, are a pair of wireless displays, which come in 23- and 23.8-inch sizes.

Both allow for wireless mirroring of content from Windows laptops and Android phones, but we think it's the 23-incher that will be more interesting to Engadget readers. It's meant for consumers, first off, whereas the 24-inch one is intended more for commercial use, and, just as important, it has a wireless charging module in the base that'll work with Qi- and PMA-compatible devices.

Also, the smaller model has dual three-watt speakers, while its big brother has none. If you go for the larger model, though, you'll be rewarded with improved color accuracy and skinnier bezels. We think we know which we'd choose. Both land on March 31, with the 23 starting at $429 and the 24 priced at $469 and up.

Oh, and in case you were hoping Dell would come to Vegas with a PC, it did. The Latitude 11 5000 series is an 11-inch (technically 10.8-inch) Windows 2-in-1 for business users that comprises a tablet and detachable keyboard. That arrives early next month starting at $749.