Everything Intel ships this year will be conflict-mineral-free

After years of work, Intel can finally say that nothing it sells uses conflict-minerals

In 2011, Intel pledged to eliminate conflict minerals (tin, tungsten and tantalum sourced from the Congo) from its products. In 2014, it announced that all of its processors were finally conflict free. Now the company says it's completely conflict free -- nothing the company ships in 2016 will be made with conflict minerals. At all.

CEO Brian Krzanich made the announcement at CES 2016 Tuesday evening, beaming with pride that his company was no longer contributing to the burdens of the region. "My hope is that Intel can influence an entierly new and different way of doing business," he told the crowd. Customers will start seeing a new "conflict free" logo on Intel products later this year. The issue seems to have become a passion for Krzanich in recent years -- and the CEO closed out his company's CES presentation with a trailer for Merci Congo, an upcoming documentary about the human consequences of dealing in conflict minerals.

Want to watch it? You can see the trailer right here.